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Our organic spouted almonds have an exceptional taste. They are soaked in organic juice , spouted and then dehydrated.  You will love the crunch, and appreciate the digestibilty. You can make amazing tasting digestable almond milk in minutes! No need to soak, sprout and dehydrate yourself, it's already done for you!  Soaking and sprouting increases nutrient availability and decreases phytic acid levels. This makes it easier to break down and absorb the nutrients more efficiently.  Why Italian Almonds? Almonds grown in the US are required to be (flash) pasteurized by law. Our almonds which are grown in Italy, and are free from this regulation.  Our almonds are 100% raw & organic. This is a staple in our household!  Free shipping on ALL orders! 

Almonds Italian Sprouted Really Raw Organic


15 lb = $225 

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